Our philosophy

Versión en español

We are a group of young Spanish teachers graduated from the University of Seville. Each one of us is specialised in a different type of philology (Hispanic, Arabic, French and English), which allows us to have a specific knowledge of the difficulties that the students will face depending on their mother tongues.

As students of different languages, we have usually experienced a teaching programme just focused on passing exams and obtaining titles, which often differ from the real interests of the students. This type of programme tends to lead to a good theoretical level of the language but also to a very poor communicative skill.

As teachers, we think that the aim of the learning process of any language must be real communication. Therefore, we consider that, in addition to know all the grammar issues related to the exams, it is necessary for the student to be fluent in the language he/she is learning.

Feeling comfortable talking in Spanish is the only way to truly learn it. If someone can finally talk Spanish without paying attention to the theoretical aspects, then we could say that that person masters Spanish. This will be the mission of De Boca en Boca.

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