Online Theatre

    vinilo decorativo mascaras de teatro                
                                            Versión en español

Why learn languages through theatre?

Amongst many reasons:

-> Because learning theater means learning literature

-> Because it brings you closer to culture and to the people of the target language, thus developing intercultural sensibility

-> Because it allows you to participate in real communicative exchanges, to manipulate language in a way that allows to communicate as well as to have fun with it, to enjoy language. Great fun begets great motivation

-> Because it unites the language with a context, thus integrating the non-verbal elements precisely within the communicative proces. It also strengthens vocabulary in the same way linguistic immersion does and allows to better comprehend and use specific elements of the language (eg. idioms or sayings)

-> Because it strengthens and eases the development of the pragmatic competence in the student.

->Because it makes a world of a difference in diction and pronunciation

-> Because it’s fun!

So, why do online theatre?

Because we’re going to experience and learn Spanish in the process, we’re going to meet Spanish students from all over the world, we’re going to make new friends, we’re going to have fun… because it ‘s cool!

In De Boca en Boca, we’re creating our first theatre group. As we’re an online centre, rehearsals will also be online and, instead of a theatrical representation, we’ll edit a final video.

We know that traditional theatre is thought to be performed in a stage but we think this is a minor problem if we use imagination.

Our first play will be «Entre Rejas» a very funny play by Francisco Compañ Bombardó.

We ‘re looking for students of Spanish who want to participate. It ‘s free!
Will you join us?

Contact us

Application form

Online Theatre (II)

At De Boca en Boca Centre we have taken up a new project with the goal of teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language through theater.

This course is based on the focus through tasks approach, whose main point is to incite learning through the actual, real-time use of a foreign language amongst the students. The question is: what exactly is a task in the context of learning spanish as a foreign language?

A task is an initiative for learning in which we develop certain activities within the classroom that use the language in situations that would normally take place outside of it. This task must have an adequate structure for learning and be open to active intervention by the student and to his/her contributions. However, it also requires paying close attention to the content of the messages with which we will be working, as well as to their linguistic set up.

In this case, the task works in the magical realms of theatre. The students will follow the process of staging a play in spanish (reading, rehearsal, setup and representation) that has not been previously adapted for foreign language learning. This process will take place entirely in spanish and will be guided by one of our team’s tutors.

Rehearsals for our latest venture, “Entre Rejas“, by Francisco Compañ Bombardó, have already started.

The first step consists of a script reading in order to assure full comprehension of the text’s vocabulary and structure, as well as the play as a whole.

Then we analyze the character’s attitudes, emotions and motivations throughout the plot and how the students can adapt them to their personal contribution. This means that the students imagine how their characters behave and react and how their personality has led them to their current state.

Before jumping into the production of the play, we work with a series of activities that promote the loss of self-consciousness and thus factor out embarassment, stage fright or other elements that may prevent full development of the student’s linguistic and dramaic potential.

Here you can watch the trailer of our latest piece and the first script reading. We will be uploading our latest rehearsals in the following weeks so that you may see the evolution of our students/actors.

As you know, this course is free, so i you feel like joining us, don’t hesitate and contact us. We are waiting for you.

Online Theatre (III)

As we announced in our previous posts “Spanish through theater (I)” and “Spanish through theater (II)”, we have been working on the piece “Entre Rejas” by Francisco Compañ Bombardó. We are having tons of fun, so much in fact that we decided to expand our theater troupe as soon as we finish the current play and get started on more and more, and are on the lookout for new actors and actresses to join us.

Here you can take a look at the evolution of our actors/students, including script readings

and the final montage.

This experience has meant a great deal of fun, but also a great deal of experimentation through play, and we want to keep it that way. We want students to take charge of the whole process of creating a theatrical performance, be it setting up the scene or directing the play. It will be up to the students to discuss all the little details of the process, it will be they who decide how to circumvent the physical aspect of theater to offer a super-personalized production.

This great montage will be crowned by a real-time live representation of the play… yes, live! The medium will be Google Hangouts, through which we will broadcast live in Youtube… for the world!


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