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This forum is conceived as a space where students and teachers of Spanish can share their doubts  and questions and practice their Spanish. We offer a free correction service for all the members of the forum. Just relax and speak Spanish!

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Would you like to practice your Spanish and learn more about Spanish culture at the same time that you meet people with the same interests as you? Comment our daily posts and improve your level.

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Spanish grammar doubts

Do you have a particular doubt about Spanish grammar? Share it in our forum and the rest of students and De Boca en Boca will to help you to solve it.


Help with translations

Would you like to say something in Spanish but you don´t know how to do it? We´ll help you with the translation.


 Materials for teachers of Spanish

Would you like to share anny comment, article or activity with more teachers of Spanish? Share it in our forum. We´ll create a great community of teachers of Spanish.



4 thoughts on “Forum discussion

    1. “por caridad”.
      Ejemplo: En la puerta de una iglesia, encontramos una persona pidiendo dinero, dice: “Por caridad, ¿me da una limosna?”

      1. en una traducción mi profesor de la Universidad en la expresión “Apprezzati( i soldi), per caritá” ha traducido “Apreciados, faltaría más”. no comprendo porque,
        Yo había escrito “por caridad” ma para él era error.

      2. Hemos investigado un poco y tu profesor llevaba razón. La traducción literal es “por caridad” pero en el contexto de la frase la expresión correcta es “faltaría más”. Suponemos que en italiano se ha fijado “per carita” con un significado distinto. En español “faltaría más” y “por caridad” no son expresiones equivalentes. “Faltaría más” es “por supuesto” y “por caridad” es “por favor” pero cuando rogamos con intensidad.

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