DELE preparation courses

Versión en español

Do you want to obtain an official diploma certificating your Spanish level?


In De Boca en Boca, we help you to get ready for the DELE, the diploma given by the Instituto Cervantes, the official organisation responsible for disseminating and teaching the Spanish language. DELE diplomas are internationally recognised and enjoy great prestige, not only among institutions and public and private education authorities, but in the business world and chambers of commerce too.

After you’ve completed the level test of the Instituto Cervantes, we’ll check your Spanish level and we’ll tell you in a first free session which exam you could take in.


The student can use basic expressions in communicative situations related to everyday issues or satisfying his/her needs of a concrete type.


The student can understand everyday expressions and phrases related to specially relevant areas (basic information about himself/herself, family, purchasing, places of interest, occupations, etc.).


The student can understand the main point of clear texts written in a standard language if they are about issues known by him/her. The student can also get on in almost all the circumstances while travelling, write simple and coherent texts about familiar situations  and describe experiences, events, wishes, aspirations and opinions.


The student can mingle with native speakers with a sufficient degree of fluency and spontaneity, can also produce clear and detailed texts about various issues and can understand the main ideas of complex texts.


The student can understand a wide variety of long texts. Moreover, the student now knows how to express himself/herself in a fluent and spontaneous way, using the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes and  can produce clear, well-structured and detailed texts about complex issues.

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